Carpet Repair

Do you have buckles, ripples or waves in your carpet? What about permanent stains or tears?

Repair and re-stretching can add years of life to your carpet. The professionals at The Carpet Medic can help.

carpet ripple repair

Why pay the high cost of purchasing new carpet when your existing carpet can be repaired at a fraction of the cost? Wrinkles and damaged carpet are not only a tripping hazard but loose carpet wears faster than a properly stretched one. We will solve those problems and help make your carpet look like new.

To complete the repair process we always recommend a good carpet cleaning, as we find most of our customers put off the maintenance of their carpet due to the needed repair. We offer a variety of maintenance packages to choose from and offer discounts for combined services.

carpet repair


How do you repair the damaged carpet area?


  1. – I will first examine the area to determine the best strategy for re-stretching the carpet.
  2. – Next I will go over the job -what furniture will need to be moved, if seams need to be cut and remade, cost of job and approximate time.
  3. – A typical re-stretch will involve pulling up an area of carpet.

Then using a power stretcher I will pull carpet taunt and re-attach the carpet to the tack strip. After that I cut off the excess carpet (Some re-stretches will require remaking of a seam or seams – hallways, multiple areas, etc.), clean up and vacuum. For best results I recommend the restretch be followed by carpet cleaning. I use OP method to remove crease marks And dirt that accumulated in rippled areas.


  1. – I begin by determining the best strategy for patching the carpet. Where will the carpet patch come from? (Left over carpet or a closet) Will carpet need to be ordered?
  2. – Next I will go over the job -what furniture will need to be moved, cost of job and time involved.
  3. – I establish where the carpet needed for patch is coming from.
  4. – I cut out the damaged area of carpet.
  5. – Measure out a slightly larger piece of carpet to use as a patch and cut to fit.
  6. – I use specialty iron and seam tape to secure carpet patch.(hot glue gun with special tip is sometimes used to strengthen the bond).
  7. – Carpet is trimmed and area is vacuumed.
  8. – Most likely the patched area will be of a different wear, use and look a slightly different color. It will wear in over time , also a cleaning could lighten the surrounding carpet helping it to blend with the new piece.
  9. – If carpet was pulled from the closet; then either a remnant I have on hand or one provided by client will be patched into the closet so there is no bare floor.
Will you guarantee the work?
Yes, I guarantee all my work. The re-stretch of carpet, seam work and patches are guaranteed for the life of the carpet.
What will it cost?
The cost will vary greatly depending on the extent of work involved. I will be able to give you an accurate quote once I see the area involved. Although rare – unusual circumstances may involve an hourly rate quote.
How long will it take?
The time will also vary depending on the service. I will give you an approximate time once I see the area involved. Quality of work is my main objective so it could run over to assure good workmanship.
Will I need to move all my furniture?
Not all furniture will not need to be moved. However, I’ll need to see the area first and then will be able to identify items that will need to be moved.
Should I have my carpet cleaned after it’s repaired?
Once the carpet is repaired I recommend a cleaning for various reasons.

  • If a carpet is in need of a re-stretch than dirt has been trapped in the ripples that was too difficult for the vacuum to reach. In addition a cleaning method involving agitation will help with crease marks cause from the ripples.
  • If your carpet is in need of a patch than most likely the patched area will be of a different wear use and look a different color. A cleaning would lighten the surrounding carpet helping it to blend with the new piece.
  • Often people put off cleaning their carpet because the carpet is damaged. Carpet should be cleaned regularly in order to both extend the life of the carpet and to clear your carpet of indoor pollutants.