Carpet Cleaning

We use a Low moisture cleaning method. Our system consist of an Oscillating Pad Machine and bonnets-which are specially designed cleaning pads , that spin, agitate, absorb and deep clean the carpet fibers. This very thorough cleaning of each fiber is achieved using a minimum amount of moisture and insures both rapid drying and a complete cleaning of each fiber.

  • NO hazardous cleaning agents
  • NO over wet carpets
  • NO recurring spill stains
  • NO dirt attracting residue left behind
  • NO unpleasant odors
  • Only 2 Hour Drying Time

No square footage is too small* or too large. You can count on us to turn over rentals, maintain commercial space, clean your home or open your second home for the season. We work in apartments, homes, businesses, condominiums, restaurants, hotels, motels and resorts.


Moving Bonus:

Are you selling your home? We will include free touch ups for your buyer once you move out.


  1. 1 – Areas are cleared of furniture and prepped for cleaning.
  2. 2 – Carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove the dry soil.
  3. 3 – Our Green cleaning agent (plus deodorizer) is applied to the carpet to emulsify most remaining dirt, grease and stains.
  4. 4 – Then, we use the Oscillating Pad Machine and bonnets-which are specially designed cleaning pads, that spin, agitate, massage, absorb and DEEP CLEAN the carpet fibers. The machines orbital, oscillating movement performs thousands of random short strokes per minute causing carpet fibers to separate and allow dirt, grease and soil to be rapidly absorbed into the special cleaning pads.
  5. 5 – The areas are than groomed and furniture is placed back using specials protector tabs.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

How long will it take to dry?
A typical Low Moisture cleaning takes 1-2 hours to dry. Areas treated for odor or urine will take longer.
How does our method affect your family? Do we use earth friendly products and methods

Absolutely. All our cleaning agents are biodegradable, safe for you, your family and our environment.

Low moisture means less chance that mold and mildew will find a place to grow deep in the carpet fibers and padding. This means fewer allergens and better indoor air quality

Compared to other methods, Low Moisture cleaning is better for the environment as well.

Water is the most precious resource. While we may find alternatives to fossil fuels, there really is not an alternative for drinking water. Low moisture carpet cleaning methods use on average 90% less water when compared to hot water extraction methods. This means 90% less drinking water is used to clean carpets and at the most 10% waste water is added to your local sewer system.

Also, if you consider that while a truck mounted unit is idling outside your front door, it is not only burning fossil fuels but it is also polluting the air.

We believe that wasteful water use, extra fuel use and added air pollution can be greatly reduced by using Low Moisture cleaning methods.

When should you use Hot water extraction?
Hot water extraction does have its place. In some circumstances we do recommend Hot water extraction. For pet soiling we recommend using a combination of hot water extraction of the contaminates with a follow up of low moisture scrubbing to break away stubborn debris and recurring stains.
What to Expect and how to get Ready For Your Carpet Cleaning?
  • 1. Discounts are given if we are not required to move furniture
  • 2. If furniture moving is selected, we move sofas, chairs, plants, tables, etc. An extra fee applies to beds, china cabinets, and dressers (must be emptied).. Please remove all items from the top of tables and any electronics.
  • 3. Tell us your every concern. We do not want to miss anything. Never be too shy to complain.
  • 4. Please note: The estimated price given on the phone is merely an estimate. The prices mentioned on this site are subject to change. We will measure your area and give an exact price before we begin.
  • 5. The regular cleaning price includes pre-vacuuming, all pre-spotting, some furniture moving, and carpet cleaning.
  • 6. The only item not included would be Green Guard Protectant. If you’re interested in protecting your carpet from soil and stains, ask us about protecting your carpet with Green Guard Protector.


Upholstery Cleaning FAQ’s

Like your carpet, furniture is one of your biggest investments. Furniture also gets high traffic use, so choosing to maintain your upholstery cleaning is great decision.

What method of upholstery cleaning is best?
We will test the upholstery fabric before cleaning to determine the proper way to clean your upholstery. We look at the fabric construction, fiber content and dye stability. We then choose the safest, most effective way to clean your furniture.
How long will my furniture take to dry after cleaning?
Most pieces are dry within 2-4 hours. Some materials such as cotton may dry slower and may take as long as 6-8 hours to dry.
Will cleaning my furniture make it look new again?
Well, not actually, furniture is of course only new once. However, you would be amazed at how good your furniture looks after a good cleaning not to mention the nice fresh scent.
My Cushions have zippers; can I just wash them in the Laundry Machine?
Some cushions have zippers so that the manufacturer can get a tighter fit by using zippers instead of sewing. Chances are removing and washing will cause shrinkage or distortion and you may never get them back on correctly. Some people may have done it with acceptable results, but it is a big risk and not recommended.
What about mattresses?
Sometimes your mattress needs a good cleaning too. Call to find out more about the cleaning process and pricing.